Writing in the ESL Classroom: Seeing What Is There

INTESOL Presentation Agenda
Seeing What Is There
I. Opening Moves, Introductions
II. Gallery Walk of Writing Quotes: Choose a quote that represents your view of writing. Talk to the other folks who chose your quote and find out what you all have in common.
III. Overview: Talking to each other about our writing struggles with our students.
Why is it hard? Why is it important? Work in diads or triads to brainstorm responses. Report back to the whole group.
IV. Protocol: Describing Student Writing Looking at student writing samples
V. Debrief: Do we now see anything new? Implications and Invitations



Student Writing Sample

1mont of Christmas Break

I think we should have a 1month of Christmas break.

We should have a 1moth break during Christmas because during the month of December the weather is always bad. The weather is bad because of the snow and ice on the road. Also there might be accident every where and difficult to clean the driveway and to drive on ice road. It would be also a problem for drivers because of the slippery road. All these problems can cause student, teachers, and buses to be late.

It would be also fun to spend more time with family and friend. Spending time with family is fun because we could watch movies and eat pizza and laughs together. During Christmas break I would also like to spend time with my friend to play in the snow and have fun. Doing all this stuff would make my Christmas break awesome.
During Christmas break I would also like to play video game and watch lot of movies. I would like to play my video during break to entertain my self because it’s a long break and I don’t want to be bored. I would also like to watch movies cause I did not have time to watch movies during school days because I don’t have time for that. Doing all these during break would me a good person.
I believe that we should do all these thing because we been in school for 4 ½ months without break and we need time to have a break cause we still need time to entertain our self.