This page contains resources for teaching English as a Second/New Language

Here are some cool Internet sources for teachers:
Dave's ESL Cafe

Internet Resources for Teaching English Language Learners
Graphic Organizers, etc.
Includes graphic organizers specifically designed for Language Arts classrooms, along with good ideas for journals and literature activities. Contains links to California standards.
Along with graphic organizers, the website also includes lesson plans and printable forms specifically for Language Arts teachers of all grades.
Don’t let the typeset make you think there is nothing here for older students! It includes everything from KWL to an organizer that helps students write persuasively.
This is a bit complex for my taste, but may be just what you are looking for. Mind maps are included, along with organizers for very specific outcomes.
A wealth of information, including descriptions of reasons to use a wide variety of graphic organizers! Also contains links to grade-specific lesson plans and exams for Language Arts teachers.
Contains links to many resources for teachers and secondary students.

Internet ESL Resources for Mainstream Teachers
A nice description of what you can expect from ESL students by ability level, along with engagement suggestions.
This is a nice resource from Northwest Regional Laboratory which includes strategies and resources.
A wonderful place to begin to answer your questions, this website contains links to other sites, as well as an online tutorial for teaching English Language Learners in your classroom.
Answers your FAQ’s in a conversational format.
Includes instructional and assessment resources for ESL students in the mainstream classroom.